Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Our family night fell on New Year's Day, and we had a little beginning/ending ritual to welcome 2017.

First we wrote three things that were blessings in 2016. Then we listed one thing we want to do more or have more of in 2017, and last we wrote something we want to let go of in 2017.

The girls listed their school and friends as blessings, and of course Sophie drew a picture of Bun. (Bun always makes the list!)

I was thankful for our family trips this year and for spending time together as a family. Husband commented that it is a blessing that baby Max is able to communicate with words now and can show us what he wants.

Sophie wanted more LOVE in 2017!

After we finished our papers we burned them in the fireplace.

For our SNACK this week we had Saltine Toffee Cookies.  These were a last minute idea and came together very quickly!