Friday, November 18, 2016

Gratitude Questions + A Thanksgiving Movie

This week for family night we're going to go through these gratitude questions from The Apricot Tree together as a family. We love doing family dinner questions together, and this reminds me of that. 

 I think taking time to think about both the things that we are grateful for, as well as the gifts in our lives that we may be taking for granted, is very important. I think gratitude is the key to a happy life, and modeling an attitude of gratitude for kids is of great value. 

I love that this is such a minimal activity, but is a great way to learn more about each member of the family. I also think listening to the things your family members are grateful for can give insight into their love languages and spur ideas for how to spend time with them and love them better in the future. 

Click here to visit The Apricot Tree and get a free printable of all of the gratitude questions. 

We'll also be watching one of these holiday movies. I love the Charlie Brown holiday classics, but the kids told me they already watched it twice in school last week, so they may choose Miracle on 34th Street instead. 

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