Friday, October 21, 2016

Pumpkin Minute to Win It

This week we used another great set of printables from The Dating Divas, Pumpkin Win it in a Minute! This printable was a complete set of instructions, a score sheet, and a supply list for 8 different win it in a minute games.

I did have to make a supply run on Saturday, but was able to easily find almost all of the supplies at our local superstore. I had most of the items, like the pumpkins, stackable cups, and straws on hand, so my cost for the items I had to purchase was under $10.

Although these games are only a minute each, with 4 people playing, plus time for giggles and silliness in between, it took us about an hour to play through all of the games.

Get your own set of printables from The Dating Divas here!

One of the games, Monster Eyes, is played by putting a dab of icing on the nose and then using your nose to pick up candy eyes and transfer them to a frosted cookie. We used these cookies as our family night snack, drawing inspiration from the Monster Cookie bar by Brooke Mclay. After we finished the Monster Eyes game the kids decorated their cookies with sprinkles. I made this quick and easy by using premade cookie dough from the grocery store and setting out the sprinkles and candy eyes I already had in the pantry. You can check out the full post on creating your own monster cookie bar here.

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