Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This week I used a wonderful printable from one of my favorite websites, The Dating Divas! If you're not familiar with this site, they provide a huge amount of resources for couples and families, and the best part is many are free and complete! All you need to do is print the provided information and gather your materials.

This Halloween scavenger hunt included printables for five different games to play and also a printable to prepare cute little bags to hold the materials for each game. Although if you don't have bags on hand, they could just as easily be popped into a ziplock or some other container.

I loved how this packet included almost all the materials for the games. I only needed to gather a few items like straws and a pen. We didn't do one of games, Halloween Costume Creations, due to not having supplies on hand, but we did all of the rest. 

My daughter helped me cut out and bag each of the games on Saturday, so getting prepped was a snap! Once we started playing the kids had a blast running through the house looking for each bag on the scavenger hunt and opening it up to see what we would be doing next. The games went more quickly than I expected-we probably finished them all in 30 minutes. 

Visit The Dating Divas website here to get your set of printables for the Halloween scavenger hunt!

Our family night snack this week were Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

These are supercute, and were quicker to make than they look. I used frozen puff pastry from the grocery store. I cut one sheet into six rectangles for the base of my cookies and sliced the second sheet into thin strips to create the mummy look on top. I keep a small bag of candy eyeballs on hand (we seem to need them more than you'd expect...). My only complaint was that I had to open an entire can of pumpkin to make a fairly small amount of filling for the pies. I froze the remainder of my pumpkin, but it remains to be seen if it will be used or if I'll dig it out of the freezer next May and throw it away. 

I used the snacks as the last stop on our scavenger hunt, and the kids loved peeling the mummy layers off the top as they ate them. 

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